Welcome to Kilkenny Cottages Of Bath,

We are suppliers of chickens, Bantams, ducks, quail, guinea fowl, geese, turkeys etc throughout the year. We take great pride in our hobby which is situated on the outskirts of Bath. All our birds are free range as possible. We are open everyday on a no appointment basis so please pop along to say hello.  Our postcode BA2 9DY using a sat-nav will bring you directly to our door. 

We are very please to say we have now expanded our hobby to Rookery farm of Oakhill, I am now working alongside Maxine who as the same passion about poultry as I do. Also happy to say all our birds from Kilkenny cottages can be purchased from Rookery farm. Once again the postcode  BA3 5HY using a sat-nav will bring you directly to the door
Please note Rookery farm is appointment basis until fully up and running 
Rookery farm 07977 069527

Throughout the year we supply lots of chickens from Hybrid hens, Easter eggers (blue, green, brown eggs), Goldtops, Silkies, also bantams which includes Pekins, Lemon millefluer sablepoots,  Polish, silver & gold Sebrights,  All the above is reared to pol by us and all merek's vaccinated at day olds.

We supply lots of ducks throughout the year, our breeds includes khaki's, Pekins's, Indian runners, Muscovy's & Miniature silver appleyards.

Throughout the year both venues will be holding open days/weekends/evenings, for you to pop along for a chat and to meet other fellow poultry keepers. Sharing tips and ideas

Quails are beautiful small birds who live happily in a aviary or rabbit hutch, these girls start to lay from 12/14 weeks old & will continue to lay throughout spring & summer also in winter months if provided with extra light.

Chiltern female geese are beautiful & come in white or grey, these girls are fantastic layers for 3/4 years, lso not forgetting our own personal lawn mowers.